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The New Standard

Speed & Power

Both are available with a choice of either Box Way or Linear Guide construction, combine this with a choice of spindles and we have the perfect VIAMILL for you


A clearer view

The intelligent design of the VIAMILL means that the doors do not close directly in-front of the spindle as in old machining centres. Therefore the view of the spindle is clear thru large blue tinted glass and illuminated with LED lighting


4 & 5 Axis ready

VIAMILL comes already prepared for 4 & 5 axis accessories. the additional weight is easily handled due to the increased table load of all VIAMILL machines. A full range of accessories are available to enhance your VIAMILL machine


Coolant thru spindle

As you would expect the VIAMILL is built to work with the advances in tooling technology and is fitted with thru spindle coolant as standard


New Fanuc iHMI Interface

Up-to 50% bigger screen than old style machines. Simple, effective and Intuitive control interface designed to improve productivity. Find out more 


More stability

The "Big Plus" dual contact spindle system has simultaneous contact with the taper and the spindle face. This offers increased tool rigidity and is interchangeable with your existing tooling and machinery

Your choice of spindle

Standard VIAMILL spindles are BT40 / 8000 RPM. Options are available for 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 RPM



Up-to 25% more table load

Compared to old style VMC machines, VIAMILL can handle larger table loads on both Linear and Box Way construction, so there is no compromise when choosing your machine


What about automation ?

SYSTEMVIA integrated automation systems can take care of tasks and revolutionise your productivity. Find out more

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Compact intelligent design

Instantly recognisable with a modern next generation ergonomic design. A ViA machine will make a big impact for your business

VMC 1100 (4).png
Empty Factory

How to buy your new

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