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We have supplied Heavy Duty Lathes for over 20 years to our worldwide customers. 

  • Slant Bed Lathes with Swing up-to 1275mm ( 50")

  • Flat Bed Lathes with Swing from 960 mm to 1420mm ( 37.8" to 55.9")

  • Hollow Spindles from 235mm to 610mm ( 9" to 24")

  • Bed Lengths from 2000mm to 6000mm ( 80" to 240")

  • Main Spindle Motors up-to 100Kw

  • Boring Bar Adaptors up-to 250mm diameter ( 9.8")

  • C axis and Live Tooling Options

  • Custom Made Steady Rests to suite customer components


HD Slant bed lathes

S50, Heavy Duty Lathe,CNC Oil Country Lathe

HD Flat bed lathes

Flat Bed CNC Lathe, Heavy Duty Lathe, Oil Country Lathe
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