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HD Slant bed lathes

Heavy duty lathes with hollow spindle options.

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The New Standard

Extra wide turret

VIATURN S50 has a 300mm wide turret. This is ideal for holding large tools and gives extra support for long boring bars. The boring bar holders are designed for damped boring bars and are also 300mm wide
Hollow Spindle Lathe

Hollow spindle bore options

The standard spindle bore is 230mm (9") and this can increase up-to 610mm (24") with many options in-between. Rear chuck options are also available as well as options for manual, hydraulic and Pneumatic chucks
Oil Pipe

New Fanuc iHMI Interface

Up-to 50% bigger screen than old style machines. Simple, effective and Intuitive control interface designed to improve productivity. Find out more 

Intelligent Design

Designed to make large heavy duty turning easier for the operator, the VIATURN S50 has many features to aid loading and unloading, has a motorised tailstock body with auto clamping and pendant controls
Big Bore Lathe

True heavy duty design

This is a true Heavy Duty slant bed lathe with a huge 840mm wide Z axis and a 670mm wide X axis. Heavy duty cutting and precision threading without chatter can easily be achieved. This is enhanced with Atbitrary threading as standard
Oil Country Lathe

Huge boring bar adaptor

The optional boring bar attachment is unique to this machine and offers unrivalled capacity and support for large boring bars. The adaptor is 250mm diameter and 1000mm wide and can hold boring bars up-to 10 x D
Heavy Duty Lathe

Advanced threading

"Advanced Threading" is standard. Spindle speed over ride whilst threading and easy thread repair functions

How to buy your new

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