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HD Flat bed lathes

Heavy duty lathes with hollow spindle options. This machine is manufactured by our partners at Denver

Flat Bed CNC Lathe
DENVER Flat bed DHL.jpg

The New Standard

Choice of bed width

There are 2 bed widths available depending on your application  - 610mm wide on the DHL model and 810mm wide on the DHK model
VIACNC Heavy Duty Lathes 3 .jpeg

Hollow spindle bore options

The standard spindle bore is 152mm (6") and this can increase up-to 380mm (15") with many options in-between. Rear chuck options are also available as well as options for manual, hydraulic and Pneumatic chucks
Flat bed lathe, Hollow Spindle Lathe, CNC Lathe

New Fanuc iHMI Interface

Up-to 50% bigger screen than old style machines. Simple, effective and Intuitive control interface designed to improve productivity. Find out more

Intelligent Design

Designed to make large heavy duty turning easier for the operator, the Denver flat bed lathes offer a compact and easy to use design
CNC Lathe, viacnc

True heavy duty design

With a wide bed design and a rigid structure the Denver flat bed lathes offer the expected heavy duty performance you are looking for. Additional support features on the bed also enhance rigidity
Heavy Duty Lathe

Choice of turret

The options for your turret are a 4 way H4 turret , 6 way H6 turret - both with auto indexing, or V8 or V12 turrets as shown
CNC Lathe

Advanced threading

"Advanced Threading" is standard. Spindle speed over ride whilst threading and easy thread repair functions 


How to buy your new

VIACNC Flat Bed DHK-1120x4000.jpg
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