Over 20 years experience in Machine Tools. Manufacturers of high quality, next generation lathes and machining centres

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Heavy Duty Lathes & Hollow Spindle Lathes.

We are specialist in the supply and service of large Capacity lathes and Turning Centres. Our range of Flat Bed Lathes and Slant Bed Lathes are in operation at customers in the UK and around the world

We understand large capacity turning.

We supply both flat bed and slant bed lathes  and all are available with hollow spindle bores and long bed lengths.

VIACNC     Machining Innovation.

Manufacturers of CNC lathes and Machining Centres. Specialists in Heavy Duty lathes & Hollow Spindle Oil Country lathes.

Our Machine Technology Solutions :​

  • CNC Lathes

  • Turning Centres

  • Machining Centres, VMC

  • Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathes

  • Heavy Duty Slant Bed Lathes

  • Hollow Spindle Oil Country Lathes

  • CNC Service

  • CNC Training

  • CNC Accessories


CNC Lathes.

VIATURN is a range of CNC lathes and Turning Centres designed and developed in the UK.

The VIATURN range is designed from the start to turn in any direction using Prime Turning Technology. The key features and new technology included make this a stand out CNC Lathe

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Machining Centres.

VIAMILL is a range of CNC Machining Centres designed and developed in the UK.

VIAMILL Machining Centres combine both power and speed and are available in solid box way or linear slide way construction. Up-to 25% more table load is a key feature to make this one of the most versatile machines available today.


Productivity Innovation.

CNC Automation.

SYSTEMVIA is our unique automation solution. Designed to operate on one or two machines combined.

SYSTEMVIA is an integral part of the VIATURN and VIAMILL range of machine tools. This flexible and versatile system can be added to Turning and Milling machines or a combination of both together.

CNC Automation Fanuc Robot Arm